Ari Gesher

The What

On July 23rd, 2009, I officially changed my name from Ari Gordon-Schlosberg to Ari Gesher. It's legally documented here.

Why Change?

I like my original name. It seemed a bit of a burden at first, but I've grown into it and it's a pretty distinctive moniker. However, it's not without it's problems due to both its length and its hyphen. None of these would have been an issue 100 years ago, but in this modern era of automated data systems, it's a source of headaches.

Why now?

I was preparing to get married to Nicole Scher. We got to talking about what we wanted to do with her name when we got married.

Given that and the fact that I've always liked the idea of a couple choosing their own name together, I agreed that we should take the third path and come up with our family name.

I've learned to live with the pain, but why would I want to do that to my kids? (Hi, mom & dad!)

Why Gesher?

Well, it's the name that my brother chose when he moved to Israel with his wife. They wanted a Hebrew last name so they built an acronym of their names. His last initials were G.S. and her's was R. In Hebrew that's גשר, pronounced "GEH share", which also happens to be the word for 'bridge'. A very fitting name for immigrants and nicely distinctive and affected, just like it would be if you took the name 'Bridge' in English.

So a similar construction works for me and Nicole. I get the same גש that my brother had and we merge with her name, spelled in Hebrew: שר. Collapse the ש characters and you get גשר. The bridge idea works for us, too -- we're bridging two families into our own as we come together.

Ari is also Hebrew. I think it's pretty neat to have a fully Hebrew name.

And now I have the same last name as my little brother.

(And yes, you can still call me 'regs')

ארי גשר